5 Things you need to know before you start a website

5 Things you need to know before you start a website

5 Things your website needs to have on your website development plan

You just got your company registred or you just found that “aha” moment to start your million dollar idea you will need at some point to make a website for your brand, let’s be honest here, if you have a business and you’re reaching to your client online and they ask for your website, what you going to do? what if you met a new client and you hand them your business card without your website on it? You might sound from the 20th century, because nowadays, a 9 year-old kid can have his own site, probably he can make it by his own. but you as a company if you don’t have a site in 2015, that might be a little bit embarrassing.

So let’s take a look at the 5 things you need to consider before start making your site:

1. Purchase the right domain name and the right hosting server.

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After you gonna purchase your domain name .com .org or whatever extension you prefer, (.com is still the best) you need to make sure that you have a good hosting server, which means your site should not experience any down time or whatsoever when it’s supposed to be up and running.

2. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly

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In April 2015, Google announced that it will not give any priorities for the rankings if the website is not mobile friendly, which means your site should not be compatible with desktop computers or laptops only, but it should be compatible with mobiles, tablets and so on, but now there is a new way to make that happening is by making your website design responsive, meaning your web design can scale with any screen device you accessed it from, it can be,mobiles, Tablets, Computer screens, small laptops, basically any size of the screen you visit your website it goes automatically by the scale of the screen.

3. Get a nice and well organized structure of the website pages

Many designers and developers, care about designing the site more than the structure of the links and the sitemaps, as well as the structure of the pages, because that’s how the website will be SEO friendly in order to attract more traffic, For example you have a good looking website, but not easy to use, or complicated when it comes to where visitors supposed to go, sometimes when i open a new site, i don’t know where is the company’s about page, or if i look at the top of the links of the site, i see some weird names something like website123.com/about-568 or website123.com/id-15517 Search engines will never index those kind of pages that has those type of links, so if you want to be more appealing on search engines, make sure you have good understandable links for visitors and for the algorithm of search engines as well. You can mention that to your developer to make him work on that area.

4. Make sure you implement a Call To Action strategy

CHECKOk you have a beautiful site, but don’t expect visitors will read the whole page of your site, so you need to direct them to that special page that you are offering that special service/product of yours, it’s like when you go to that jewelry store, and the representative start walking you through the necklaces, rings, in order to give you the best presentation of their products! so it’s almost the same thing with Call To Action strategy on web pages, you implement buttons on the website that direct them to that specific page that you want to sell them your products or your services, so for example, you’re offering your customers tickets for sale about your next event or seminar, at the home page you show them a nice introduction but at the middle of the page or at the right top, you implement a button saying ” SIGN UP NOW” that can direct them to where they can order their tickets or whatever that is, which means you call them to take action. and make sure that button is visible when visitors open the page.

5. Make sure your website is SEO-friendly

if you want to attract more visitors and traffic to your site, it needs to be SEO friendly, which means, faster load-time on the site, there is no missing titles, all the images are set with the right keywords, and a user friendly website, because eventually, when people will go to reach your site from search engines, if they land on your site, and they got confused at the point that they have to leave the site, then you will lose credibility by the search engines, and that will effect your rankings a little bit, so you have to make sure your site is user-friendly; easy to navigate.

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