Facebook is adding a 7 Seconds Looping video as a Profile Pic

Facebook is adding a 7 Seconds Looping video as a Profile Pic

 Facebook is adding a 7 Seconds looping video as a profile photo

Facebook is more than a decade old, and we all witnessed how it got improved by the years, but right now it’s changing the whole profile style with a new 7 seconds looping video that can be used in your profile picture, or you can use a temporary photo on your profile that can stay for a day, a week and then it goes off.

Facebook is now introducing five big changes to user’s profiles

  1. First one, is to pin feature photos to the top of your profile.
  2. Making your profile photos temporary
  3. Using 7 seconds looping video as your profile photo
  4. Making the About tab on your profile much easier to control include a 100 character bio field.
  5. Mobile centric design for your profile, with your profile photo in the middle and big section for other photos and friends.


The feature has been rolling for testing for some users today, Facebook believe these new changes will enhance the user experience on the social network.

7 seconds looping video

Image credit: Facebook

Profile Photos

it is very soon that you will be able to tap on your profile photo to be able to record a 7 second loop video to be posted on your timeline.

Temporary Photos

You will be able to put photos as your profile photos for a temporary time, like one day, one week etc.

To see the rest of the features, Check out the video below



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