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Project Manager

Full Time, In-House, Remote
Publié il y a 4 ans

MoWeb Media is seeking a project manager that can lead and manage our creative and development people to enhance the process for a better deliverability.


– Lead and manage all internal cross-functional teams during the project lifecycle for all Brand projects. This includes brand creative, social content, digital content, digital builds, and events.
– Liaise with finance, operations and legal teams on project and client needs
– Communicate directly with clients around budget, timelines, process & deliverables.
– Lead and schedule necessary project-related meetings such as kickoffs, brainstorms, and deliverable reviews
– Responsible for Scope of Work task, timeline, and budget development
– Provide mentorship to junior members of the team
– Responsible for all vendor agreements and other contract documents.
– Report to the Account S/VP’s on resourcing, budgeting, and revenue realization


– Personally organized and careful with details.
– Great with time management.
– Able to communicate without any challenges.
– Social and have people skills.
– Knowledgable about productivity and project management tools.

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