Re-branding an Event Marketing Agency, United Shows Agency

Re-branding an Event Marketing Agency, United Shows Agency

Case Study: Re-branding an Event Marketing Agency, in Morocco.


United Shows Agency was founded in 1999, Working as one of the leaders of Event Marketing in Morocco, handling corporate events, team building activities for private enterprises and managing festivals and shows for public corporations.


United Shows Agency approached MoWeb Media for re-branding their visual and digital identity for the year of 2017, After our brief meeting, we understood their business process, their company daily lifestyle, target market and key factors of their company, we understood their visual branding is very important and needs to be simple, straight to the point, elegant and memorable at the same time.


Our main deliverable is to design a new branding book identity that will represent their company’s standards and activity.

The second deliverable is a visual website that can showcase the company’s experience and activity, showcase their portfolio of events as a showroom in a page. Of course, the website needs to be mobile-friendly, secure and integrated with all of their social media, in fact, any post shared on their Instagram account gets automatically synced with their website.



Preview of Branding identity Book

Website Factors Made by MoWeb Media

  • High Quality Modern Website design

  • Responsive Design

  • Blog Section

  • A Showroom Page

  • One Landing Page.

  • SEO Friendly, Clean codes, Pretty links & Optimization.

  • Lead magnets on their website.

  • Integration of the website with their Slack account and intranet app

  • Automatic scheduled back-ups to their own cloud account

  • All design and content implemented on their own Content Management System.

  • Instagram Post Synchronization

  • Tracking Website Analytics.

  • Monthly Social Media Management.

  • ON-PAGE Search Engine Optimization.

  • Ongoing website maintenance.

Stay tuned and we will be posting more details about social media campaigns and branding guidelines of United Shows Agency very soon.


My approach to business is to make our clients needs on events easy to achieve, and provide a better experience for businesses who use us on their campaigns through events marketing, but our branding identity offline and  on digital was challenging us to prove ourselves to newer accounts that we are who we claim to be, and we are authentic about our experience of 25 years in business.

Fortunately, MoWeb Media helped us obtain the image we needed to achieve by collaborating with our team directly and listening to our needs carefully to help us achieve the best results we could get, and thanks to their creative team for their innovative process and dedicated work they put in our brand

Mr Aziz Driouch

Founder & President of United Shows Agency

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