The rise of social media and its marketing

The rise of social media and its marketing

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The rise of Social Media Marketing!

We’ve all witnessed how Social Media has grown since early 2000 till This year of 2015, if we take the example of Facebook’s journey, how it all started back in 2004 with the impact it did on our lives. connecting people all over the world but more importantly, making the social network a great place for marketers, because marketers go where people go and that my friend means a lot of opportunities, take this example from 2014 how this young guy made millions off his Facebook page. and there is more success stories that have happened because of social media.


Social Media Created Jobs

People forgot that it’s just 10 years ago there wasn’t a job position called a social media manager, community manager or a social media consultant. this happened because of the demand of many businesses that need their digital presence online, and no body can do that better than some expert on social media, and those kind of job positions are mostly for millennials.

Because of social media, many startup businesses started offering services to boost online marketing to generate more reach and create viral campaigns and again social media created so many opportunities for a new generation.

Social Media Vs Word of mouth

Back in the 80s and the 90s, where Television and radio were the main tools for people to get in touch with the world, to know what’s happening, listen to music and once at a time listening to that favorite celebrity of yours on the radio or watching that person on TV, and forget about him/her for the rest of the month or maybe for the rest of the year. But not anymore…

Social Media made it easy for public figures, celebrities, music artists to get in touch with their fan base, sell their arts, music or products online. because of social networking people started using direct to consumer businesses to sell their products and services, and that wasn’t the case back in the 90s.

Now instead of being controlled by the Radio and the media, to make you listen to what they want you to listen to, You can make a playlist for yourself and listen to anything you want online Like using Google Play, YouTube, iTunes and Spotify and much more. or you can watch anything you want, and not to be forced to watch what’s on TV.

Word of mouth was the case for comedians, singers, Entertainers back in the day, when their only option was to perform in local places, invite their fans to their next performance event and build their audience in the hard way. but Today, we’ve seen a lot of super stars and top singers in the world, who started with few videos on YouTube, or on Facebook and got signed by major record labels. For example: Justin Bieber, Asap Rocky etc. and many other celebrities who made huge impact, Those who generated major movie roles and sponsorships just because they have huge audience following them online, and because they are good at Social Media. Example such as Kevin Hart, Dwayne The Rock Johnson and many more.


Social Media for businesses

What i think the future going to be regarding digital marketing is, all businesses going to be internet businesses. we’re living in a time where every month you witness a birth of an other new internet business, so i believe 5 years from now any business that is not considered as an internet business it will not do as good as the internet company, it’s not a fact yet, but it’s going to be for sure. So if you’re thinking to start a company soon, make sure to get a plan for its digital marketing side.

There is so many people who generate 6 figures just because they use social media, like YouTube celebrities, Vine stars, these people promote products or services on their videos and contents, and “companies who lack social presence” pay them big amount of cash for their promotion, and again…Thank’s to social media. What’s more crazy is we’re living in a world where you can’t hide this stuff. but unfortunately, many people miss out because of their lack of home-work.

Politicians use social media networks for their political journeys against other parties, for example: Donald John Trump, a 69 year old billionaire, real estate mogul, business man and a candidate for the president of the United States in the 2016 presidential election. Donald J Trump is using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Periscope way better than many young people, who are still in their 20s. You can see more details from The Guardian in this post here. Now i’m sure you gonna say there is other people working for him who control his pages, but just the fact that he recognizes the power of the digital world and use it to engage with his followers is amazing.

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