Why Social Media Marketing Matters?

Why Social Media Marketing Matters?

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing nowadays is something that everybody can use in minutes of time, but also it can be the #1 source of traffic to the web business, and most of all it can make customers turn into future clients.

now if you have a web business it doesn’t matter what kind of business, it will never work well if you don’t have social media presence.

Ok, your web business can be working fine for you without social media but if there is already social media marketing to your business, then it would be an other level of success, because it gives value of your web company.

Here are some strategies and tips to start with if you don’t have social media presence already…

  • Start making profiles on the most recognizable social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest..
  • Make the same name account of your business on all the social network, for example, my business is MoWeb Media, you will find on all of the social media pages include the same name, the same written way, you wont find Mo Web Media on Facebook, and on twitter it’s gonna be mowebmedia( i’m not talking about the username).
  • Upload professional photos showcasing your business.
  • Upload your business logo, flyers…etc.
  • Upload posts about your industry, you can’t post photos or status about cars or cloths while your business is a restaurant or electronic services, it makes people confused and asking what kind of page is that?.
  • invite all your friends to follow your pages, Now you may say, oh why would i have to invite my friends? i need other followers besides my own friends…Well here is how it works, let’s take an example about Facebook, if you invite your friends to like your page, your friend’s friends gonna see on their News Feed that your friends just liked a new page, which means you have more chances to get more followers to your page if someone likes it. the second is the more a Facebook page is having new likes coming in, the more it makes appear higher on the News Feed of Facebook, which means if you’re just creating a new Facebook page, and its getting likes on average of 300 likes/day! then most of those people who liked your page their friend will see your page as well, even though they didn’t liked it yet, but more importantly, they gonna see it higher on their news feed, which is a good thing for you to attract more followers because people are attracted more to what’s the highest on their News Feed. that’s how Facebook’s algorithm works about pages.
  • Always complete the information of your social networks, i mean you need to add your website, your other social pages’s links to each profile you have, for example, if someone go to your page and checked your information they have to see that you have a Twitter account, or Instagram account or Linkedin account, Maybe they are using those other accounts more than Facebook, and now they wanna follow you on the social networks that they use more often, and again this is a good chance for you to gain a follower again.


Now those are just few of the basic that you should be aware of long time ago to start using a social media and eventually if your page is showing to people more on their social news feed it gonna make them curious to know what you all about, maybe your page was posting a lot of content and people ignoring them but because of your consistency they will get curious about why you’re always appearing on their social network and they see that you have more followers and comments, which brings them to see your website and check your services, and again you just gained a new visitor and maybe that visitor can be a customer or eventually a client of your business.

So you have nothing to lose except trying.

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