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Passage Fitness is a luxurious fitness club in Morocco. Based in the most prestigious area in Casablanca, labeled as a five stars fitness club with 180° ocean view and a luxurious outdoor pool as well as three other fitness club locations in major cities in Morocco Like Tétouan and Mohammedia, including the upcoming other locations in Casablanca and other cities, the company has an award of “Label de Qualité Européen” which is a high quality recognition for fitness clubs in Europe.

Passage Fitness approached us to make their web activity back to life. with a need of a complete website that can be a lead generation tool, an event calendar of their gym activities, and a directory website about their other fitness clubs.


Social Media

Web Design & Development

Data Analytics & Funnel Marketing

The holding company of five clubs across the country had no social media engagement, we started managing their social media pages early year of 2017 by posting original content related to their events and courses.

Mainly focusing on full courses showcases then doing content distribution across multiple platforms as micro-content for Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. the consistency of this strategy lasted around 6 months until we launched a social media wall on Passage Fitness website, by showcasing the new hashtag edition of the fitness club. users can take photos of their activity at the club and use the hashtag of #MyPassageFitness and all social media content will be shared as a social wall page on the company website and showcased across few displays inside the clubs.


We did a social media analysis research about their competition and how they are performing and what works best in their market, Then we created an official Instagram page for the brand and a Facebook page for each gym location + a SnapChat account to record snaps of their gym activities, weight lifting, boxing, yoga, stretch session etc.

Follwing up by the hashtag strategy #MyPassageFitness by implementing a micro-content that can be educational to the club’s members by posting facts about nutrition, exercises, motivational quotes, fitness memes, those type of content that drive followers to share the posts.



Besides the success of our social media strategy and our content deliverables that causes new users going through the digital funnel that eventually turned into members of the club and the increase of the social media engagement.

After many celebrities started posting their photos of themselves at the fitness club, so many users started using the hashtag of #MyPassageFitness and #passagefitness even their photos shows they’re working out at other gyms. so Passage Fitness became a new style of hashtags implementation and a style of high class based of the content marketing, the video courses and the social media engagement.

Media Mentions

Along with other clubs, Huffpost featured Passage Fitness as one of the top fitness clubs in Morocco with a headline of ” Le sport version 5 étoiles ” The 5 stars version of sport.

WeLoveBuzz, a modern publishing platform with a reach of tens of millions of users published an article of the top 5 fitness clubs in the country, Mentioning Passage Fitness as their #1 club on their list.



Our mission was to enhance our website and provide a premium branding online to our customers of what we do at our clubs, MoWeb Media provided us a strategy about which path we should follow on digital, and delivered a nice website that really stand out in the fitness market in Morocco with all the dynamism that we needed with their recommendation, also their social media skills and content strategies are just impressive and effective, we are really pleased working with them for the long term.

Omar Reffad – National General Manager at Passage Fitness

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